What Are The Benefits Of Having A Clean Email List

Email list cleaning plays an important role, it filters and removes invalid email addresses to maintain email list hygiene.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Clean Email List
Benefits of Having Clean Email List

Email marketing is the most reliable strategy of marketing because of its strong ROI. In order to generate a successful email marketing campaign, you need to have long lists of email addresses to send your emails. Building long lists of email addresses takes a lot of time and effort. It is collected from various methods such as lead generation, marketing campaigns, blogs, sites, or lead magnets. But these lists may have many invalid, inactive email addresses which can lead to a high bounce rate. Here email list cleaning plays an important role, it filters and removes invalid email addresses to maintain email list hygiene.

These are the email addresses that are abandoned, catch-all, or abusive, which damages your email campaign and prohibits your sent emails from landing into the inbox.

It can only take a few minutes to remove these invalid email contacts from your list, And doing so will pay you off in the long run with improved sender reputation, greater open rates, more visitors to your landing pages, and higher conversion rates.

When did you clean your email list?

If your answer is rarely or never, then you are wasting time and money on your email marketing campaigns by targeting those users who may not be receiving your emails.

On average, the lists of your email address get reduced by more than one-fourth in a year, and up to one-third of your emails are never opened. Overall, there is no reason to target these email addresses.

That's a reason that one should always clean their list of email addresses once a month.

In this blog, you will get to know -

Why you should clean your list of email addresses before executing your email marketing campaigns.

The aim behind email list cleaning might sound strange as you are scrapping your data, but it has many benefits and can lead you to successful email marketing campaigns.

* Better click-through rates

The first and foremost important aspect of email cleaning is to increase the number of emails opened and the click-through rate.

Click-through rate and the number of emails opened, which can be calculated by the total number of emails sent in an email marketing campaign.

Discarding the inactive subscribers who have never opened your emails, will result in an increase in the percentage of the total number of sent emails to the subscribers who opened and even who clicks on the links given in the emails.

* Few Spams Complaints

An email which is marked as spam when the receiver marks the received email as spam. This is a common user behaviour when a user does not remember when they sign-up or either they are not interested and feel fed up with your emails.

The issue is not only limited to users but is with ESP’s (email service providers) as well. ESP’s like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and others keep track of spam complaints. If you send them a lot of emails, they will start forwarding them to the spam or promotions tab.

Additionally, they will forward any email you send to anyone into spam once it identifies that your emails are flagged as spam by many users. This implies that recipients of your emails who truly want to read them could cease receiving them in their inboxes.

Regularly cleaning your email address list also reduces spam complaints. Lesser spam complaints result in a better Sender Reputation. The better the Sender’s Reputation means the more of your emails will land in the subscriber’s inbox rather than landing in spam or promotions.

* Reduced bounce rates

Lower bounce rates are another advantage of keeping your email address list tidy. Undeliverable email addresses on your list are the source of bounces. This frequently occurs as a result of a technical glitch, a full inbox, a changed email address, or a fraudulent email address.

The same thing happens when there are too many bounces: your sender’s reputation suffers, which causes more of your emails to wind up in spam bins.

Your reputation will improve and more of your emails will reach inboxes if you clean up your email list, which will reduce the number of bounces.

* Improved sender reputation

Your sender score is impacted by spam complaints, bounce rates, and the number of recipients who actually open your emails.

Simply said, if a large portion of your subscriber list never opens emails from you, this will negatively impact your sender reputation, resulting in more emails from you showing up in people's spam and promotional folders, even for subscribers who wish to hear from you!

Regular list cleaning will increase your open rates, which will raise your sender reputation and increase the likelihood that your emails will land in genuine inboxes rather than spam folders.

Clean email lists receive higher inbox positions, which results in even greater open rates, and hence even better results.

* Reduced cost

Usually, the number of subscribers you have or occasionally the volume of emails you send determines how much your email marketing service provider will charge you.

This is a powerful motivator to purge your email list!

You are losing money every time a cold subscriber joins your list. You may avoid wasting money by removing all expired and dead addresses.

Do you really want to spend money sending emails to recipients who aren't even opening them?

* Increased conversion rates

Conversions are all about engagement. Sending to invalid or malicious email addresses will result in lower conversion rates. A clean list will send your emails to a more engaged audience, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

* Get connected with the right customers

These are the customers or subscribers who requested your email. They want to keep in touch with you and are open and responsive more often. Mailing list cleaning helps identify these active, highly engaged and valid addresses.

* Proper mailing list hygiene can bring your campaign back to peak performance

Even with careful elimination of undeliverable addresses, e-mail databases can still accumulate a large number of dangerous addresses that are deliverable but of no value to your email campaign. A manual scan or even a simple MX check won't detect them. So, you need to check the status of every email in your database using a set of rules and technologies and consult an email verification service provider that will help you avoid the same problem in the future

* Conclusion

It may be intimidating at first, but once you realize the benefits of open, click, and reduced bounce rates, you'll want to do more! Hence cleaning your email address list with Bouncify’s email list cleaning benefits you and your email marketing campaign.