What is email list verification?

In the email list verification service we identify and purge old, invalid emails addresses.
This makes your email list clean and usable for mailing. Before mailing you should verify your email lists for better results.

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Our email list cleaning tool is used by scores of businesses across the world to improve email deliverability and garner better results out of email campaigns.

Who needs to verify email lists?

If you or your company is involved in email marketing then you know the need to reach more of your prospects via email. For that you need to have clean email lists. Old and dirty email data won’t get you results, but hamper your efforts. So there are various reasons one should use email verification services. Some of them are listed below.

  • You have got old email databases with incorrect, non-existent, duplicate email addresses.
  • Have purchased email lists from a data provider.
  • Marketing agency that produces and sells clean email databases to clients.
  • Do email campaigning and getting better results due to inaccurate and stall email ids.
  • Currently using bulk emailing to verify large email lists (which won’t work)
  • Have lots of email lists and need to save cost and time in verifying emails online.
  • When you are using 3rd party mailing service and cannot generate high bounce rates.

Advantages of Bouncify to verify email lists online

Easy to Use App

Our email verification checker is a browser based tool and is real-time and very easy to use. You can sign up and get instant access to the email verification tool and start to bulk verify email addresses online. No software to download or install.

High Accuracy

Our email address verification service carries out many advanced email validation checks, this is enhanced by manual review as well that improves your overall email list cleaning accuracy.

Reliable Service

Bouncify is a self-service tool to do bulk email verification. Our email list cleaning and verification service is accessible from anywhere and anytime. Our entire platform is cloud based, so Bouncify is very reliable. Check our service status.

Your Data is Safe

Your data is very secure with us. Enterprise level security is implemented across the data warehouse and being monitored continuously.

Better Customer Support

Our help desk caters to most of your questions related to email address verification instantly. Apart from this, we have multiple customer support options such as Live chat, support ticket, and call us over the phone for assistance to verify email lists.

Low Cost Email Verification Service

With Pay-As-You-Go email validation plans, you pay for how many emails you verify and there are no monthly subscription. The unused email verification checks do not expire and can be used to verify email addresses later.

How We Clean Your Mailing List

With Clean Email List Build Email Sender Reputation

Email Deduplication

Clears duplicate emails present instantly and saves you from landing in recipients spam box

Syntax Validation

Incorrect email formats are inevitable during list collection or generation by data teams

Spamtrap Removal

Our system indicates potentially unsafe emails and helps you avoid costly sender blacklist

SMTP Verification

Multiple advanced real-time checks are done to verify the existence of the domain, email account

Disposable Email Check

Keep your email list fresh by cleaning all emails matching our database of temporary email services

Catch-All Check

Our intelligent system identifies in real-time accept-all domains and saves you from hard bounces later


Our system deploys the latest anti-greylisting technology that helps you to reduce the number of unknowns

Domain Verification

Our system checks and validates the DNS entries of email addresses and helps identify the invalid/ misspelled or inactive domains

List Quality Analysis

Once bouncify completes the verification, you will get the email list quality analysis report of your uploaded email list

How much does an email list cleaning service cost you?

As a leading email list cleaning service provider, we bring you a world class service for all marketers. Keeping in mind the needs of small businesses as well as large teams, we have priced our email list clean up service. You can select a plan that suits your company’s mailing list cleaning services requirement.

With our commitment to offer cheaper email list cleaning and verification service, our pricing is heavily discounted. Our staggered discount plans are helpful to small agencies as well for marketing teams that verifies lots of email lists.

You can start using our email verifier real time by signing up quickly. On signup you get 100 FREE verifications. No credit card is required.

You can order email verifier online service and make payment securely. We support online payment options so that you can use our email verifier online tool immediately. You can use credit/ debit cards, online bank transfer, UPI or even NEFT, and cheques. For users outside India, can make payment using a credit card via PayPal.

  • Easy, accurate & reliable to clean email lists
  • Access anywhere - desktop as well as mobile
  • Verification credits never expire
  • Discounted plans
  • No hidden costs
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