Email Verification

Email verification refers to the process of ensuring an email address is valid and can receive email messages. Email verification will make sure that your emails will be received by a real person.

Email Verification
Email Verification

Email marketing involves sending bulk and transactional emails to your prospects and customers. You may know that email marketing is one of the most used marketing strategies which businesses use to send informational, promotional emails to their email contact list.

Here, you might be curious about how these email address lists are built. This is quite simple; it is the job of an email marketer to collect emails from various sources such as lead generation, marketing campaigns, blogs, sites, or lead magnets. Once the list of email addresses is prepared, it’s time to start sending email campaigns to it.

Isn’t it that simple, but what’s the catch?

This is what happens with most email marketing campaigns and according to data, 46% of emails are marked as spam globally.

Your new list may have many invalid, temporary, inactive email addresses. This will cause your marketing emails to bounce. Also, as time passes, your contact list which was once engaging is currently bouncing and emails sent to some of your contacts are not delivered. This will decrease email deliverability (it’s the ability of the email which gets into the inbox, not in junk).

Here comes email verification, which helps email marketers filter and remove invalid and inactive email addresses from their contact lists and has a clean list for email marketing.

What is email verification?

Email verification refers to the process of ensuring an email address is valid and can receive email messages. Email verification will make sure that your emails will be received by a real person. Email verification includes many steps through which your list is cleaned. There are a number of tools available for email verification and each has its own method for verifying the email list. Some general steps include: -

·    Scanning for a potential threat (bugs, malware) before ISPs (Internet Service Providers) or   ESPs (Email Service Providers).

·     Scanning your email lists for spam traps.

·     Validating the format and syntax of the email addresses

·     Domain verification.

·     Validation of each individual mailbox.

Why is email verification important?

Email lists typically deteriorate at a rate of 22.5% annually. This implies that a significant portion of the email addresses in your mailing list will become invalid and expire after a year.

Thus, you might consider email verification as an additional step for achieving better email marketing outcomes. It is an important step to ensure that your email contact list does not contain any invalid email addresses, wrong email addresses, or temporary email addresses.

The emails may not get to their intended recipient’s inbox for several reasons. The person may have changed their email address, the business to which the email belongs may have shut down, or the mail server may be down and unable to accept new emails or adequate services are some likely causes.

Invalid email addresses present in your email lists will decrease your email deliverability. As a result, your overall email marketing performance may start to suffer as mail servers automatically start flagging more of your sent emails as spam due to what they may see as an indication of low quality and this is a nightmare for any email marketer that their emails are being rejected or sent to spam due to poor list data quality.

What happens then if you send an email campaign to a large number of outdated email addresses?

Sending an email campaign to a large number of outdated email addresses will increase the number of bounces, ISPs will interpret this as a warning that lowers your sender reputation. Your emails may not be delivered to the inboxes of your clients with valid email addresses even your sender reputation will get hampered. You will have low email deliverability and open rates as a result of being forwarded directly to the junk bin. Overall, your failure to reach your subscribers' inboxes directly correlates to poor email marketing ROI.

How Bouncify will help in email verification?

Verifying an email address's existence or if it is legitimate, is the process of email verification. An email that can receive emails from other senders is a legitimate email address and Bouncify assures fast verification with 99% accuracy.

Bouncify is a leading email list cleaning service provider that helps you clean your email lists and achieve better email marketing results. Multiple real-time advanced checks ensure a clean email list that you can depend upon.

Bouncify is a trusted email verification tool for verifying email contact lists. Here are the various steps taken by Bouncify to clean your email list -

  • Domain verification – Our system checks and validates the DNS entries of email addresses and helps identify the invalid/misspelled or inactive domains
  • Catch-All Checks – Our intelligent system identifies in real-time accept-all domains      and saves you from hard bounces later
  • Anti-Greylisting – Our system deploys the latest anti-greylisting technology that helps you to reduce the number of unknowns
  • Email Deduplication – Clears duplicate emails to present instantly and saves you from landing in the recipient's spam box
  • Syntax Validation – Incorrect email formats are inevitable during list collection or generation by data teams
  • Spamtrap Removal – Our system indicates potentially unsafe emails and helps you avoid costly sender blacklist
  • SMTP Verification – Multiple advanced real-time checks are done to verify the existence of the domain, email account
  • Disposable Email Check – Keep your email list fresh by cleaning all emails matching our database of temporary email services
  • List Quality Analysis – Once Bouncify completes the verification, you will get the email list quality analysis report of your uploaded email list

Ineffective email data will hamper your email marketing efforts rather than yield benefits. Therefore, it is imperative that you use Bouncify’s email verification service to clean your email address lists.